360 Spherical Systems


360 Spherical Systems Engineer and Founder Oscar de Bruin, is a naval engineering graduate with substantial 3D design experience, knowledge of the latest production technology and always seeking for innovations. Product developer Bob de Bruin, is an experienced photographer. He is founder of VR-Zichtbaar, an advanced multimedia photography company which ensures functional capabilities for all 360 Spherical Systems.

360 Spherical Systems signature product is Orbi, a 360° camera rig produced with advanced 3D printing techniques. Orbi is capable of creating spherical 360x180 degree video and photo content. Our 360° rig is utilising 6x GoPro Hero 5 Session waterproof wide angle cameras ensuring high quality and ease to operate by remote.

From the professional photographer to the 360° beginner, Orbi will capture and publish any image in a 360° view by the click of a button. Revolutionizing the creation of a spherical video, Orbi captures and publishes ultra-high resolution content, providing an easy-to-use flexible and robust platform for all levels of experience.

360 Spherical Systems takes pride in the creation of their products and offers custom-made precision solutions to fit any need. Located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 360 Spherical Systems is producing handmade design products with care and precision for their customers all around the world.

Orbi is here to change the way spherical videos are captured and our view on the world as we see it.